Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Windows 7 Loader eXtreme Edition v3.503

Windows 7 Loader eXtreme Edition v3.503

Activates all Windows 7 versions:
Ultimate, Professional, Enterprise, Starter, Basic, Home, etc.

Activates Windows 7 / Vista / 2008 R2 / 2008 - RTM / preRTM / Office 2010
Supported editions: All

Back up your tokens.dat file if you must have a version other than Ultimate.

This activator is a 'Frankenbuild' Loader, meaning it swaps out files in order to activate.

- Safer loader installation (than other activators)
- Activate any edition (without reducing default activation abilities)
- Trial Reset (get back 4 rearms and 30 days)

Installs/Uninstalls/Detects public SLIC emulators:
- W7 Loader
- Open W7 Loader
- SLIC Driver
- Vista Boot
- WOW7 Loader
- MBR SLIC Loader
- Vista Loader

KMS Activation:
- Emulated KMS Server
- Internet KMS Servers

Download latest updates(w7lxe.exe /update):
- Windows 7/Vista/2008R2/2008 keys
- Windows 7 SLICs
- Windows 7/Vista Certificates
- W7 Loader
- Open W7 Loader
- SLIC Driver
- MBR SLIC Loader
- KMS Emulator

- Activate any editions
- Automatic and Advanced Mode
- Complete loaders collection
- Custom loaders integration
- Windows activation information
- SLIC checking: checksum, SLIC&RSDT&XSDT markers
- Installed loader information: Boot Loader and SLIC Emulator
- Installed key information
- SLIC dump
- Certificate dump
- Product key checker
- Logos and OEM information installation
- Commmand line keys
- Internal SLIC's storage
- Internal Certificates storage
- Ability to use external SLIC's storage
- Ability to use external Certificates storage
- SLIC and Certificate comparison
- Custom KMS servers list
- Custom keys list
- Custom logos list

KB971033 ready.
Shows extended activation-related information.
Detects Chew-WGA&RemoveWAT-related system changes.
Activates Office 2010 (w7lxe.exe /office2010).

Emergency recovery
MBR SLIC Loader and "Sleep Mode" compatibility:
"Clear CMOS" jumper.


Default SLIC emulator: W7 Loader (Forceful)
Default emulation scheme: Safest + UnSafe

1. "Safest" uses Loader with Vista Boot Loading Screen (with option to use original W7 in boot options)
2. "Safe" uses Loader with W7 Boot Loading Screen (with option to use original W7 in boot options)
3. "Unsafe" uses Loader with W7 Boot Loading Screen (no option to use original W7 in boot options)


Vista type boot screen after installing loader?
Try uninstalling the loader and install with "Safe" or "Unsafe" mode checked.


Special abilities:
- Trial Reset (get back 4 rearms and 30 days)
- Windows is always has recovery option (not need to recovery from DVD if SLIC emulator crash PC)
- Activate any edition w/o reducing default activation abilities


- Reset Trial (returns 4 rearms and 30 days)
- Windows always has the option to restore the work (no need to restore from the DVD, if your computer can not boot after the application of SLIC emulator)
- Activates any editor without loss of activation opportunities


New command line keys:
w7lxe.exe / biosbootmenu
- Prevent activation drop for BIOS boot menu (Multi-boot)


It does work and will activate all Win 7 editions.


Windows 7 Loader eXtreme Edition 3 uses retail MSDN keys, this is misleading as it combines them with certs in the UI, making it look like an OEM key.
When the keys reach their maximum activation limit or Microsoft blocks them, this will become useless, unless Napalum has an unlimited supply of MSDN keys.

Back up your tokens.dat file if you must have a version other than Ultimate.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Game Booster Premium 2.4.1

==Download Link==

                                 1. Download this and install

                                 2. After installed enter one of the keys in the .txt

What does it do?
Designed to help optimize your PC for smoother, more responsive game play in the latest PC games with the touch of a button, Game Booster helps achieve the performance edge previously only available to highly technical enthusiasts.
It works by updating hardware drivers, downloading essential gaming tools, tweaking system settings for gaming, defragmenting game directories, temporarily shutting down background processes, cleaning RAM, and intensifying processor performance.
Compatible with PunkBuster, Cheating-Death, VAC, and any other anti-cheat software, Game Booster makes it simpler to enjoy the latest games and take your experience to a new level. All systems go!
Key Benefits of Game Booster:
Click Boosting Game Performance Enhanced
Game Booster can easily and quickly close background processes and unnecessary Windows services, to speed up your game playing and avoid possible conflicts and incompatibility. With the innovative "Enhanced 3rd parties' services detection" technology, Game Booster v2 can automatically detect and close more unnecessary background services.
Create Your Own Game Box New!

+ Improved interface
+ Added more language files
+ Updated Driver Datebase
+ Fixed general bugs

Uniblue PowerSuite 2011 v3.0.3.11

==Download Link==

1. Download and install Uniblue PowerSuite 2011 v3.0.3.11
2. After install enter one of these keys

What does it do?
Uniblue PowerSuite 2011 is a comprehensive set of maintenance tools for cleaning up, repairing and optimising your PC.
It includes Uniblue DriverScanner 2011, which checks the device drivers installed on your PC, highlights any that are out of date, then locates, downloads and installs the updates in a couple of clicks.
You also get a capable Registry cleaner in Uniblue RegistryBooster 2011. The program will quickly scan your Registry for redundant and broken entries, fix them at a click, then defragment the Registry to ensure it's using the minimum amount of RAM and hard drive space.
And Uniblue SpeedUpMyPC aims to improve your PCs performance through a range of different techniques: disabling unnecessary services, cleaning up junk files, optimising your Internet settings and applying a host of useful Registry tweaks. You get three bonus "Speed tools", too: a CPU manager stops runaway processes from grabbing all your CPU time; the proactive thumbnail generator accelerates Explorer navigation by generating thumbnail images in advance; and Software quick-starter claims it can help applications launch more quickly from the Start menu.
There's plenty of functionality on offer, then, but well-designed and clear interfaces mean it's all very easy to access, even if you're a PC novice. And the emphasis is constantly on your safety, so for instance most of the programs will save your original settings before they make any changes. If there are any problems then you can usually restore those previous settings at a click, quickly returning your PC to normal.